Driving from London to Malta

Hi Guys

Apologies for posting this as I know it’s been mentioned a few times over the years but I cannot find a recent post...

Myself girlfriend and our two dogs are looking to drive to Malta within the next couple of months.
We are planning to stay for 6 months initially and we shall take it from there as to wether we decide to settle or return to the UK.

I would love to be able to minimalist the driving and take ferries as much as possible, I have read in the past that you are able to ferry from Genoa to Valletta but I’m unable to find this anywhere now and wondered if this route has now been cancelled? I have tried to call GNV but unable to get hold of them.

Can anybody advise on the best route for me to look at?

Thanks guys!!!

I did the journey from Essex earlier this year. Google "Direct Ferrys" booked mine from Genoa  to Palermo  then drove to pozzallo then catamaran to Vallarta. All booked through D F.

There is only one passenger ferry company to Malta (Virtu ferries), and they only do one route (Pozzallo/Sicily - Valletta). So you'll have to take a ferry to Sicily first, then drive through the island and catch the catamaran in Pozzallo.

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