Long term lease of Cars

Hi all,

I saw a post somewhere about the ability to lease a car in Malta for a long term and someone said about 300-400 per month.

Can anyone elaborate as to what exactly this cost entails?

For some reason, my understanding was that you get the car and your only worry is to fill it with gas... I'm sure its not true, but wanted to know if anyone had experience with this as well as if anyone can answer these questions on the lease:

1. Is there a mileage allowance per year
2. Is there a deposit needed
3. What about insurance and in case of damage to car
4. Any other costs associated with this? (yearly fee for driving in Malta?)

Any recent info anyone would have would be greatly appreciated!  If you have bought a car recently it would also be good to know what are some of the costs of maintaining as well as driving in Malta?

P.S. Yes, i have a car.  I understand the drivers are crazy and streets are congested.  I do use the bus as well, but sometimes i drive to do shopping.  Additionally i'm not planning on importing a car from UK as I dont have any connections or knowledge on doing this.  I need to see it in person and not via an online ad...

Thanks in advance!

car rental firms do it, like goldcar, avis etc and its quite like a normal rental car situation just for a long term

apparently - i cant confirm - goldcar does it for even less than 200, but also goldcars are death traps

But is that including insurance?

Yes when I asked it was almost almost all inclusive. I ended up bringing my car so didn't go for it but it sounded pretty good

If you do want this get it done sooner rather than later. In summer they are not interested

This was the reply I got from a company in Malta.

'Further to your request, kindly note that we can offer a Peugeot 107 A/C or something similar for a monthly rate of Euro 340 inc. VAT for a minimum rental duration of 3 years.

The above rates include:

Full comprehensive insurance for up to 2 drivers aged 25-70 years (insurance excess of €350 applies)

Unlimited mileage

Free 24 hour roadside assistance

Free car wash at our premises up to twice per month

All routine maintenance services and costs

Free replacement car during routine maintenance (T&C’s apply)

Road licensing fees and VRT when required

Payment Method:

The last 60 days of the lease are payable on signing of the agreement / delivery of the car.

The monthly lease charges are payable in advance by standing order.

Late payments are subject to interest charges and administration fees.


Thx FoxGlove! (Ray?)  :) :)

Excellent information... but this doesnt sound that bad?  I mean to lease a car for this amount i dont think is a big fee honestly.  If it includes the maintenance and insurance, its about 10 bucks per day no?

The 350 excess fee? What does that mean, if i get into an accident, and the damage to repair is 2000 Euros, i only pay 350 of it, or do they pay the 350 and i have to cover the other 1650?

I dont know what the costs would be of an expat to buy a car and pay the insurance and road taxes and maintenance fees (especially since most cars there are very old), and i would not want to buy a new car on Maltese roads...

What did you do in the end?

€350 excess is your maximum liability in the event of an accident.
I did not take it up as I think it is very expensive compared with UK prices and I rent over here for 4 days every 3 or 4 weeks to go and do bulk shopping etc. Only costs me €10 a day this time of year.


Also an idea... i think i saw that in one of your previous posts...

Thank you for the info!  I'll see whats better when the time comes but i'm leaning either toward the leasing, or even your solution of renting a car when i actually need it :D

One thing you won't need is winter tyres like you do in Bavaria!


Looking forward to that :)

Thanks Ray

i also rent short term, but really depends on your situation. I only use the car when going further afield as normally work local - or when shopping, airport, beaches etc - if you dont need one fulltime short term is alot better and cheaper, especially this time of the year.

I have leased a car since i moved here in summer 2014. I do not believe it's possible to find a deal for €200 per month, would be very interested to know if I'm wrong!

I pay €350 per month for a fiat panda and this includes all insurance, maintenance, car washes, breakdown service and every other expense you can think of except tyres and fuel of course. I am responsible for replacing the tyres either when worn out or if i get a puncture which happens frequently on these awful roads!

I had to pay 3 months rental fees up front when i first took the car and my payment has been reduced each time I've renewed, I'm into my 3rd year now, as a reward for loyalty.

I'm very happy with my lease company who are a major car hire company.  Like another poster has said i would steer well clear of Goldcar, they are in my opinion the worst company i have ever dealt with and that's saying a lot as a former Melita customer!

PM me if you want to know who i lease from, not sure I'm allowed to advertise them on here.

You might as well do a good one as you've just done 2 bad'uns.   :D

Hertz Lease Ireland maintains close contact with the vehicle manufacturers and distributors to regularly formulate highly competitive offers by availing of the best fleet discounting terms available across the market.
If you are currently considering the renewal of your fleet, our select value offers provide you with very special rates on a choice of popular fleet vehicles.

Hertz Lease Ireland Select Value Offers include all of the  standard features of our Corporate Plus agreement:

• Dedicated Account Management and Reporting
• Fixed monthly rentals with off balance sheet funding for 1 -5 years
• Fixed monthly maintenance payments including Service Replacement
   Vehicle and Road Tax as standard
• Nationwide service network controlled by the Hertz Service Centre
• 24 Hour emergency service
• Accident Management
• Fuel Card Service
• No residual risk



Is there a point to doing a copy and paste about Hertz Lease Ireland? - All the 6 locations for Hertz in Malta are 'Independent Licensees' so there is no relevance whatsoever as to prices and 'Terms and Conditions'

Indeed the terms and conditions in Hertz Lease Ireland's website state -  'Please consult your local Hertz Lease business contact for information regarding the products and services that may be available to you in your country'.


This link is the source of birgit_annamatz's post.
I agree, it's not relevant for any Malta related matter  ;)

There's also a quote in "Regular Expat blog meet up" that originates from a website for Nice:

strange, isn't it  :P I guess this can be classified as spam !

newbie2014, can you please PM me the name of the company you're leasing from?
Thank you!

Sure, it's Active car hire.  They have been brilliant, I've been with them 3 years now.

Would it be possible to message me the name of the car lease company you use.
Thank you

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