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Hello everybody, I'm new here in Nairobi, I'm a student, I'm 21 years old and I would like to meet people whether new or not that new here in Kenya. I am very bored home so it would be nice to hang out with some people maybe take a drink, take chicha, or even go to the cinema whatever Holla at me.

I'm available dear

Hello my name is Ben,long in Kenya too ..can we make up?

Well, I am a native. Feel free to contact me :)

My name is Ken I live in westlands I can take u around hot spots and also clubbing if you like hit me up

Hey there! You're in luck I'm also bored and would be down to hang out or plan an adventure. I recently just moved from California to Nairobi and am super interested in seeing the city and what it has to offer.


Hello, am from Nairobi, Kenya. Wouldn't mind being friends with you

Hi.  I'm in Nairobi expat.  My what's up number to hung around.  +***

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Hey, I am moving to Nairobi in a couple of days. I know very few people there so would be nice to meet some new people, chat relax etc.

I have been to a nairobi a couple of times and my partner is from here so I know a few places to go to. Message me if you are still keen :)


Hey Jason, same applies to you! See my message below!


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