I was born in Germany, 65 years ago, married a Colombian girl in 1980. We lived 4 Years in Berlin and moved to Medellin 1984. Our daughter was born here, tried to live off the land in El Santuario, when that failed moved to Medellin/Envigado, worked as Production Manager in 2 different Colombian companies. In 1989 we left, when Pablo Escobar threatened all foreigners. We spent 6 months in Germany, just when the wall came down and in May 1990 moved to Australia, where I worked as a Hospital Engineer in Sydney and became Australian Citizen. Now I am retired, living once again in Envigado and starting to travel this beautiful country with the so overwhelmingly friendly people. The villages of Antioquia are 'hermosos', love it!!!

Welcome to our country Clochy.

If you need something, don't hesitate in contact me.
Greetings from Bucaramanga, Santander.


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