Moving to Jakarta

Hi everyone

Will be moving to Jakarta in October for a year to work.

Been nice reading some of the things in the forum.

The company provided accommodation is around Kelapa Gading although I am still not sure where's that. Hows the neighbourhood there? Any place to hang out there for a beer or so?

Thanks so much in advance, any suggestions are welcome.


Kelapa Gading is north east ish of the city and its a big tower block area but there are some big malls there and they will have bars and restaurants with beer and the like.

Lots of Expats and there are great transport links and great traffic jams as well. Its very hot there I recall and very few trees. In the rains it often floods. But that's Jakarta.



Thanks for the reply.

Yeah heard about the bad jams  :o

Malls, schools and traffic jams

Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta City, Jakarta

Kelapa Gading has Malls, traffic jam, restaurants (great one) and also bar if I am not mistaken.
I hope you enjoy Jakarta as much as you would get used to its traffic.

Thanks everyone for the info.  :)

Does anyone know where can i get a good part time maid just for weekly house cleaning and laundry? Language is not an issue.

Thanks in advance.

install golife application and you can order go-clean to clean your house whenever you want. it is hourly rate though

There are loads of laundry services that collect and deliver, most charging by the kilo at around Rp7,000/kilo.
Maids are easy, just ask your security guys - they always know someone.

cieta :

install golife application and you can order go-clean to clean your house whenever you want. it is hourly rate though

Be careful of app permissions.
I refuse to put that sort of app on my phone because so many companies make their real cash by data mining.
I there's any secure or secret or sensitive data on your mobile, many apps have permission to upload it.

Your employer should help you with a maid service and laundries are easy to find and cheap but are prone to losing stuff. So choose wisely in your area.
I pay around 40k for 3.5kg wash and ironed and done in 2 days, 3 in the rainy season.

Sounds like Jakarta's laundry places are more expensive than Bintaro's.
All the places here are Rp7,000/kilo. Losses are commonly a problem but the one we use labels every item with a tag so we having lost anything since we changed to them.

Yes I agree with the permission, need to be careful.
As for maid, some company dont do that but you can always ask the concierge at your apartment or simply the security.
Laundry starts at Rp 7,000 per KG, usually that is excluding ironing, different area might get different fee.

@Fred which bintaro area did you find the 7,000 per KG? I am in Bintaro but is 12k each KG in my area

Bintaro 9 has lots.

Thanks all... Hmm 2 more weeks to go.  :P

Been here 10 days now. I must say Jakarta is not a bad place to stay.

The traffic jams are real .. lol

Welcome to Jakarta, hope you enjoy it....mostly the traffic. Try trans Jakarta or Commuter Line, it quite help  :)



The traffic only gets really bad when it rains and it has been raining these past few days. And Friday night of course.

Best time to travel is in the rain as so many people refuse to go anywhere for fear of getting wet so you can get ahead, however as soon as the rain stops then everyone is back on the roads and more chaos ensues....
Friday nights are always bad but it does depend in which part of the city you are in. From  Kebon Jeruk to Pancoran via Kemang takes me an hour most nights regardless of traffic and in the rain with all of Bangka and Kemang flooded up to 2 hours and thats by bike.

Yeap, keep us stuck at home  :D
I don't know how in kelapa gading, i rarely go to that area but Bintaro have quite enough spots to entertain our self without traffic. Well i hope you enjoy Jakarta when its not raining  ;)

Well my office is in Kelapa Gading near the LRT construction site. It gets flooded every time it rains.

Took me like an hour to go to MOI the other night which is just 4km distance.

Ha ha ha

Welcome to Jakarta at its best.

Went to Kemang area last night.

A bit far from Kelapa Gading but not a bad place to hang out.

I went last week. Jalan Kemang raya floods like crazy and the traffic is terrible.
Still, I'm a misery guts because I don't drink :D

I go there every night so I pay no attention unless it rains. But it is a great place to go as there is so many places to eat. I do stay in Kemang a lot for the weekend but never really venture to far.

Hello. I'll start working in Jakarta this July. Can someone give me suggestions for an affordable but comfortable studio unit in Kelapa Gading? Thank you

You should start a new post rather than hi-jacking someone's old one as it can be confusing for the other three posters to follow. Or better still, place an ad in the classified section of this forum.

Sarrahcea :

Hello. I'll start working in Jakarta this July. Can someone give me suggestions for an affordable but comfortable studio unit in Kelapa Gading? Thank you

Housing can be a problem here, not so much finding places but avoid bent estate agents.
Perhaps you'd like to start by placing a free of charge advert in 'housing' at the top of this page.

A few basic rules:
Avoid anything priced in Dollars. Apart from being illegal, these are always aimed at people with more money than brains.
Check prices on OLX and similar sites
Google, "rumah disewa  <area>

Hi, just send you a message.

Please check



Thanks for guiding me. I'll keep this in mind. Not my intention to create confusion.

There are quite a few small apartments at Kelapa Gading and Pulo Gadung here. And they are not expensive I think.

If you want I can pm you my company's agent contact.

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