How Pakistani boy can marriage with Indonesian

I am from Pakistan I have a girlfriend in Indonesia Jakarta. We want marriage. But she forcing me come in Indonesia. And she forcing me for settle all my  business in Indonesia. What do I?

Don't Marry her if she is that demanding now. What will she be like later?

It's a big decision deciding where to live after getting married. If you have an established business in Pakistan then perhaps it is better that she moves to Pakistan with you. But she might be scared because we read many scary stories in the news about foreigners in Pakistan and it seems quite extreme.

Since you appear to be living apart at the moment, may I ask how long have you known her and how many times you have met her? Have you met her family yet? Has she met yours?

We are not meet in reality. We was social media friends become later our friendship turned in love. We do talk only WhatsApp. Our relationship period is two years

I love a lots with her. But I am confused. Here is my business well established. But she forcing me come for Indonesia

My suggestion is before even talking about marriage, you'd better meet up in real life and spend some time together and then you'll both have a better idea of how you want to continue your future. In that regard, perhaps you should visit her in Indonesia first.

Agree with Khalil. The first thing to do is meet her in real life. Visit her and next you must take a decision to marry her or not...

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I think you should visit her and discuss things with her face to face, marriage isn't something you can talk about over the phone. Everything can be compromised, maybe the issue is with her parents not letting her move overseas, or her fears, you two haven't even met before. So i suggest that you visit her and ask for her parents' permission:-)

After you meet, and you think to live in Indonesia is good idea, try to start business with minimum capital. After 6 month, the business seems ok, may be you can more focus to develop business in Indo, but assign your business in pakistan to some one you can trust. Of course you have to monitor that business. In this way, when your marriage is no longer works, you can back to Pakistan any time

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