looking for job and some friend in Istanbul

HI every body ;

this is mehdi , it's a pleasure to me finding
new friends in Istanbul and also find some
offer for job.

Hi Mehdi20,

Welcome to expat.com!

Let us learn more about you. Why Istanbul? Have you been there before? What type of job are you looking for?

Good luck,
Christine from the Expat.com team

Hi Christine ;

I prefer istanbul , because I like the people and also
nature in There . I've been there 3 times and one month
later I will be there for living.
regarding job , as I'm educated in Mechanic engineering and
also have experience in Sales and commercial department.
I can do all , we should see what Can I find.

Hi Mehdi20,

Note that you can create a detailed resume under the Jobs in Istanbul section which will benefit from a better exposure and help you in your job hunt.

Good luck


Hi mehdi, there are many seeking job apps if you read turkish. I am sending you best popular apps.


Hi gsoyturk,

Are there any apps in both Turkish and English since i don't talk Turkish (yet) ?
i am trying to find a job via the internet as i didn't land in Istanbul yet,
And hey Mehdi How is it going there :) is it hard to find a good offer or because you just started looking?

hi mehdi,
where do you live in istanbul?

Hi Dear Borraro

Unfortunately I'm still searching for
house and job.

so, do you live istanbul currently or not?

I will be there in coming days.

I am traveling to istanbul end of next week. I have resident permit there with my family  and I will search for a job when I am there. I have a civil engineer diploma and I have more than 20 years experience in Qatar. Mostly my experience was in Quality control/Quality Assurance, as a QA/QC Manager. If any body can advice.

Dear Mehdi
To find a job in Istanbul is not an easy task. You should be conversational in the Turkish language.
The easiest jobs to find are, call center agent for the ladies and real estate agents for the men. Expat teachers who are native English speakers can find a job in private schools and institutes

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