Customs and luggage in Cambodia.

Hi, everyone. My concern is about customs and personal luggage.  I have a total of 5 full cases (125 kilos) of used clothes, socks pants underwear shirts sheets, and a box with a used bicycle plus a carry-on.  I know that is customs they give you the option of going through the green light for nothing to declare and vice versa.
I also plan to fill up the nothing to declare form given to me in the plane to present to customs. But my question is the following will they accept the used items as nontaxable, or will they charge taxes on the personal non-commercial belongings are they very strict?
I have had prior experiences just traveling in some countries where customs personnel act as if they own your suitcases, and they demand money to allow you in with what is supposed to be used personal stuff. Please, what was your experience related to this issue and when did it happen? 
Any changes in the way they act? or any happy stories on your part you may want to share? Please advise. I'm a retiree and plan to move in December and stay in Cambodia for as long as I can. Thanks for your reply.

I brought one 20 kilo backpack with me and ended up tossing a lot of that away.
Given how cheap most clothing is in Asia, you're probably going to spend a lot of money on excess baggage for no gain.
My one big mistake was not bring a few pairs of formal shoes because I have wide feet and can't find shoes here.

I totally agree with Fred, everything is cheap here don't bring too much, you will just have to toss, two suitcases should be enough, good luck!

I'm aware of buying cheaper locally which is nice. Apart from that, let's say I want to bring 5 pieces (non-commercial) into the country, a total of 125 kilos all clothes. My question is how strict are customs officials with one's personal luggage?. In the states, if the items are personal they do not bother you except for checking at the most. Do you know of customs fees charges and their behavior towards the passenger? I also hear rumors about some kind of import license to bring a one-time personal stuff.
Thank you for your response.

People gave you good advice already.  Clothes are cheap here.  The extra baggage fees are ridiculous and you going through Customs with 5 checked bags IS going to draw attention.

They pretty much can either try to charge you customs on the clothes because it is not personal clothes (unless all clothes can fit you and are not simply new with tags removed) or laugh at you for bringing in things of such limited value for so much.

The bike again sounds like a funny thing to bring unless expensive.  It seems like you are trying to get away with nothing for a very high price.

The standard is usually "reasonable quantity" of clothes - 5 suitcases of luggage - would not pass the sniff test - if I were the custom's inspector.  If truly old clothes, you would be not too smart unless you are very big and can't get clothes to fit without getting everything  tailored.

An import license for personal clothes - you make me laugh!  I think you will probably only ask your question one more time but probably will get the same replies as I and others have already given.

Good luck!

The question about an import license was obtained from these same blogs, something I was clueless about and wanted to get more information on it.
But the first time I submitted my question, it was interpreted as if I was asking... may I bring? or may I buy cheaper clothes over there?...  I just wanted someone with a similar experience to tell me how it went for them.. only if anyone has lived a similar situation.
Your guessing is right on target with logical thinking.
However, it is no the same everywhere or with everyone or the time of year. I have gone to countries loaded with luggage and during their holidays they do not want to deal with the work they are doing so they ignore you completely.
I have traveled to Cambodia several times as a tourist since 2006 but I have never worried about bringing 5 cases.
I had made several moves from overseas back to the USA, coming from different countries, one move I made it through the airport with 36 large cases. And the only single thing I was asked was "is this a move", and I went right in, no difficulties or fees and a welcome back to my homeland by a professional custom agent.
As you see it is not the same in all countries. But I see no one has experienced what I'm going to do. I hope I was not too funny. And do keep in mind no question is too insignificant or too stupid to be asked. Please keep this blog pleasant. But thank you for your effort.

With that amount of stuff perhaps you are planning on selling? Can't for the life of me understand why so many possessions would be important.

Dear, it is only 4 or 5 cases each 25 kilos and one used bicycle (for retirement). :)

That's still a lot of stuff my god 5 bags 25 kilos each ??? Look bikes are cheap , and I have a moots back in USA I would not even walk it down he street here, bringing a bicycle to Cambodia wow, that's a new one to me but if you feel comfortable with all this stuff , maybe a more modernized country might work better for you?

I think we should all stop questioning why the OP wants to bring in 125 kg of clothes and a bike. It is not important to us, if he wants to do that it's fine, it's ok.

His question is what he can expect at customs when arriving in the country.
I couldn't answer as I never had that situation.
So if someone came in with a lot of luggage, let him answer the question.


Yep, Joe you are 100% right!!! Thanks for that.

The long and the short is its unusual and that's likely to attract attention.
The rest is down to how the customs officers react and the probability of them making things difficult until grease is applied to the wheels.

One final note, how are taxi drivers going to handle so many cases?
They aren't going to fit in a normal taxi so that's likely cause problems getting into town from the airport.

To Joe,  :top:   :top:   :top:

Look there are vans at the airport, customs and airport security is really lax at Phnom Penh , you should have no problem getting your stuff to your room , yea jo as always is right whatever you need bring not my business, but customs and getting the bags to a hotel or apartment should not be a problem, good luck to you hope you enjoy Cambodia as much as I have , best wishes

No one meant to be unkind.  I have been an Immigration Inspector many years ago that means I was cross-trained in Customs also.  I gave insights into my reasoning as someone  who has worked in the field you are inquiring about and I have seen people with many bags getting pulled over for inspection because most people aren't bringing  5 suitcases of clothes.  I also tried to help help you with simple questions (you can't get the clothes locally, you require special considerations size, medical condition, etc.).  Often it is others who are experienced can help us to think more critically or help us to better evaluate things that are sometimes over looked.

So, what I asked still holds - are these NEW clothes with tags on?  IF yes, you are DEFINITELY looking to have a custom's liability.  Since no one has directly answered your question - why don't you contact the appropriate Cambodian Custom's/Importing department.  I know the fees, paperwork, and time involved won't be worth it for 5 suitcases!

Additionally, you might want to contact Customs in Phnom Penh and ask for scheduled fee rates for various items and including asking for limits on items brought in for personal use.

I think when all is said and done you will say "screw it" and bring what you can in a couple suitcases and buy a bike locally so your important bike doesn't get stolen on you.

I do wish you the best.

JoeKhmer already explained to everyone who has missed the question. Also Twinsguy explained as well.  Thank you both.
Today I have learned a lot from everyone. I have learned that it is very important to read everyone’s answers and to make sense of them and to precisely limit one’s answer to the question asked.
Again I will help you all by saying please refer to the last answers of JoeKhmer and Twinsguy, they got it very straight and simple.
I’m here In Cambodia I brought in 7 bags and no one, but no one gave me any issues at the airport.

Great! Congrats on that and your perseverance to do what you wanted to do.

Have a great time in Cambodia!

All is well that ends well hehehe.

Have a great time here.

Yep doesn't surprise me in Cambodia you just breezed through! Best luck on your journey!

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