Withdraw dollar from another branch of where we invest it

I open an account with 3000 dollars in one of the ziraat bank branch in Izmir. Now I am in Ankara. If I want to get that money from ziraat should I pay any penalty and how much?
Also, if I transfer that account to this bank, again how much does it cost?


There is no transaction fee for withdrawing money inside Turkey from the ATM of the same bank, neither is there a fee for depositing money.

But this is not atm and this is not turkish lira. This is dollar and I don't have any credit card for it. I just could get it inside the bank and I cannot get With atm. I am somewhat assure that there is a fee for getting dollar from the branch other than the branch I open an account but I don't know the fee. Or maybe it has not really!

No problem. In that case, its best to call your bank's helpline directly for quick accurate information.

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