Residents visa and proving income

So I am 70 years old and retired and want to apply for a year or two's residency.

I understand that I must prove income of 500 usd per month - My pension from the UK is about this amount so will a bank statement showing this suffice for the application. 

If not can I transfer savings from the UK to a bank in Turkey to cover the amount for a year or two and as I understand that I need a residents permit to open a bank account - how do I do this ? 

In addition once transferred is it easy to repatriate these funds to the UK again at a later date.

Thanks in advance

The bank statement isn't required at first. They might ask you to justify your income. In that case you should have 500USD per month you are applying for, or a document proving your income. You might ask this document to the institution you are retired from.
Then you are not required to show this money on a Turkish bank account, however it is preferable. You can show you bank account as long as it is in english.So you can show a bank statement from the UK.
Finally to open a bank account in Turkey you should go to any "Ziraat Bank" office. This bank is a national bank and it allow foreigners to open bank accounts with you passport, other banks might not accept, but this bank has to even if sometimes they say they can't.

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