guide me if i come turkey visit visa, can i do job?

guide me if i come turkey visit visa, can i do job? how much money should be with me?

what will be monthly expenses? approx

if i try for business, is it suitable for me?

looking forward for detail reply.


This tells you about the work permit … it-process

i have read instructions...there should be work offer from employer, otherwise you cant get work visa.

my question is that, on visit visa, can i search job there?


This is the most frequently asked question by people who do not search the forum at all..

This thread will give you a clear idea about how things are at the moment job wise. … -else.html

Good luck

muhammadmumtaz :

my question is that, on visit visa, can i search job there?

You cannot come to Turkey on an e-visa and get a job. You have to first get a job offer from a company in Turkey, then to to a Turkish embassy (or consulate), apply for a work visa, then come to Turkey with the work visa. Then once you are in Turkey you will apply for a work permit and then go to work for your employer.

If you have been living in Turkey, on a residence permit, for at least six months, then you can accept a job offer in Turkey and apply for a work permit within Turkey (you won't need a work visa, because you will already be in Turkey). But again, you must have a job offer from an employer first.

It is actually the employer who applies for your work permit, while you provide your part of the application which involves your identity information, job qualifications, diploma and training certificates, etc. 

You cannot get a job that an unemployed Turkish person could fill. When the Ministry of Labor and Social Security receives the employer's work permit application, they will check the unemployment listings to see if a Turk can fill it first. If they find one, the Turk will be offered the job instead.

So generally, you will have to have some skill that can't be filled locally, like a job teaching a foreign language which requires a native speaker. The only exception to this is if the employer has already hired five Turkish workers. In that case, the employer can hire one foreign worker for every five Turkish workers, without having to worry about whether the job can be filled by a Turk or not.

The most comprehensive articles I have found on this topic are here: … ob-turkey/

This article explains the process for finding a job, with links to all of the major employment websites. There are also links (at the bottom) to articles which explain how to get a work visa from outside of Turkey and how to get a work permit if you are already in Turkey. The author has even gone through the work visa/work permit process himself.

Hi, Regarding the question if you come to Turkey with visa if you can do a job.  You have to apply for a work permit  before you come here and you can do that at the Turkish consulate where you live. if they grand you working permit then its possible.

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