Iqama id number

As salaamu aleykum guys. I worked in KSA for 2 years and Alhamdulillaah i finished my contract but i got some problem applying  for a new job. The company where i applied dropped me because i cannot issue a certificate of employment which my previous boss didnt gave me. So i looked for a new agency and again they're asking me for COE or iqama ID number and i cannot give them. Huhu is there anyway i can have my iqama id number? Unfortunately my boss never let me hold my iqama id so i dont really know my id number. According to the company they wanted to verify my status when i worked is saudi. Again, is there any way i can check my iqama number? I contacted my boss in saudi but he told me he lost its copy and the original id was presented to immigration. Your help is appreciated. God bless!

SO you're telling that for 2 years you didn't know what your iqama number is? Dumb!

Try using the old visa that was stamped on your passport with someone at Jawazat to find out your iqama number.

Sir please  help me my name is mohamed nazeer shamsudeen I will exit saudi arabia at before one and half years now I want to get in but I don't have leaving certificates and iqama number now I know my iqama number please

Yep my employer never allowed me to hold mine.

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