Good English speaking lawyer in Alicante

Hi, can anyone suggest a good, reliable  English speaking estate agent in Alicante city?

We had been planning to stay in Alicante long term but have family moving to another part of Spain who want us to move nearer to them - so we need a good estate agent to sell our property here first, so we can move. 

All comments, suggestions and experiences welcome.

Mike 2016

As you are selling, all you need is one or several estate agents who can find a buyer.  Good, bad or whatever, makes no difference.

And be aware, you do not need a lawyer to sell a property.  The transaction is made before  a notary, His/her function is to ensue the transaction can be legally performed.   A lawyer is just increasing your costs for nothing.

In fact I have bought and sold several times in Spain and have never used a lawyer to buy or sell.  But I have done  my research and have a police  (CID)  back ground so have a fair understanding of the law in general.

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