Best residential areas in Alicante? Any family to help us please?

I have had an amazing business opportunity which involves moving to alicante from the uk in January which me (28) & my son (11) are very excited for & as we are looking to buy a house/villa in a  residential area so we can make friends intergrate and become part of the community and live for many years to come.

I was wondering if anyone has any advise on the best residential areas with local secondary schools for British expats are to live?

More for my son than for me I want him to be able to make friends and have a great life over there to.

Thanks in advanced

Do you mean Alicante city or the province?

I think much will depend on the location of the job, if you will have a private car or want to use public transport, what sort of budget you will have, how far you would put up with commuting, etc...
There are plenty of nice areas around to choose from depending on what you can do.

Secondary schooling for your son may be more of an issue, there are good schools around but at that age he may find it difficult in the Spanish system, there are of course local British & European schools but they do come at a cost.

No not at all, I don't want to be living with a load of brits over there I want the Spanish lifestyle. I didn't mean areas full of brits I ment areas that will except us so we can integrate in to the community and be part of it. We both speak Spanish and love everything about the culture. I was going to say on my last post that I would rather it be an area more Spanish that British but didn't want to cause offence to anyone. Guess I still did tho ay...

Hi, I live in Valencia and I teach GCSE subjects to children, who are mainly from the Uk. Recently, I´ve moved from the more traditional way of teaching to online teaching so anyone, anywhere can join my classes!

I think Valencia is a beautiful city and I love the weather, food and fiestas!

Well I didn't mention anything about an area full of Brits at all so I don't know where you got that from.

Good luck with your search though.

Depends where in Alicant you will be working,do youi wish to live near the city or would you like to  go a little inland?
Speaking from my own experience.I am sorfry I did rent  a propery for  six months and have a good look around   also meet ,and make new friends
As there are so many beautiful areas in Alicante

Hi ,
We have moved here from the UK, I don't have children but Alicante is a great place to live and we have a Thai Restaurant here, I would suggest that first you might consider renting as there are so many places here that are reasonable and that would give you time to look for a home to settle into once you are here.
Alicante itself is very Spanish although there are many different nationalities here and not so many Brits so it does encourage you to speak Spanish, good luck with your search.

Does it have to be Alicante city itself or the region. The reason I ask is that I have lived in the area for nearly seven years and the place I like best is albir it is a large town with a bay. Great schools fantastic community ( international community) as well as good international schools

To me the most beautiful area in Alicante is the town of Javea.

Check it out! :)

I have a holiday home in El Campello and am planning on moving there permanently at some point. What I can recommend about El Campello are the beautiful beaches and the tram that whisks you into central Alicante in no time. El Campello is not a typical Brit area. On my street for example I'm the only non Spaniard. All my neighbours are very welcoming, friendly and helpful, but speaking Spanish definitely helps as many are older people who don't speak any English. I'm living in the Amerador neighbourhood which isn't exactly expensive but is a nice, green and settled area with mostly detached houses and largish gardens. Many of my neighbours own small businesses in Alicante so I guess it would count as a middle class sort of area. You can get houses from 100K upwards for a doer-upper or 150K for something nice.

I don't know what local schools are like but the tram service I mentioned whisks you off to Alicante going one way, and follows the coast going the other way so there's lots of places you can easily get to. There is also a local bus service. I live about 5 minutes walk from the tram stop and maybe 7 minutes walk from the nearest beach. I don't have a car. There is a little shop within walking distance but for more choice we catch the tram into El Campello and shop there. We only go into Alicante for very specific stuff.


We are moving to Valencia Dec 2017 and I will be home schooling my kids in Cambridge programme Checkpoint 10. Would like to touch base with you as you offer an online programme and will be in Valencia. Thanks

I moved two years ago to Alicante and was looking exactly the same, a friendly neighborhood with young families and lots of activities. We moved to Playa San Juan, if you check it up on google maps its a green area, lots of international schools included the european one, half an hour in tram to Alicante center and has nice shops and grocery stores. It also has lots of nice houses for rent.

Thanks for your post.. I've just discovered the website and found your posting very interesting... We are planning on visiting Alicante in about 10 days time, and from what I gather we are renting in an area similar to where you've mentioned (Covet Fume)... This will be our first time visiting Alicante and we want to get a 'feel' for nice areas etc... we'd also like to get an idea of recommended estate agents..(preferably English or French speaking... my Spanish isn't quite up to scratch yet)... if you have any recommendations we'd be grateful.

Hello, i just wanted to check how you got on? I will be moving to Alicante with my partner and 4 year old in September. We are looking for a nice house/garden in a residential area to rent for a year that is not more than 30 minutes from the city/ port. Does  anyone have any recommendations? i am also looking for schools- I had seen a Steiner school that looked interesting or we may put him in an International school.

I am a little bit wary as have seen mixed feedback on Alicante, how have you found the place to be?

Many thanks in advance!

Well we just rented a place in Covet Fuma for a week... but found that that area didn't suit us... We liked the look of El Campello...and will go back in October to have a look..  We didn't spend too much time in Alicante city as we don't want to live in a city...which is why we liked the look of El Campello.... I think like most places there are always nice and not so nice areas.... and why it's best to perhaps have a look at some websites and print out the details and drive around...(that's what we did ....and we ruled out some areas straight away because of lack of public transport etc...) good luck!

Hi! I have just read your message and I really hope you found what you were looking for:-) I have just moved from UK and I am currently living in the centre of Alicante. Local people told me that Disputacion or Benalua are great area to live. I hope you are happy here in Spain:-)
Good luck!

Thanks Sandy, how are you finding it? I am just waiting on final confirmation/ job contracts to be signed before we are over for a visit and looking at schools etc.  Let me know if you fancy meeting up in September if all goes to plan :)
Thanks, Jenny

Hi - I am moving with my 2.5 year old in November! Let me know how you get on and if you have any tips you can offer. Good luck :0)

Hello I'm thinking of moving to Alicante I'm currently living and working in Malta . I'm a qualified dental nurse also a qualified teaching assistant and youth worker. I'm currently working in telesales here full time. What are the job prospects for me and the salaries and best places to live?

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