Thinking to move to bangor northern ireland.

First of all I hope that all you are doing fine.

Me together with my wife and 2 daughters one of 2 years and the other of 5 years are thinking to move from Malta to NI Bangor.
We don't know nothing about Ireland but following our little research on the internet we have fell in love with this area, but as everyone ells we are having a lot of questions that is difficult to answer on the internet.
First of all we have noticed that the crime rate on rapes is increasing each year and is being a very big question mark for us with 2 daughters. on the other hand most reviews say that Northern Ireland is a very safe and friendly place to live.
Another questions is related to work.
In Malta I am a self employed, I work as a marine electrician.
What are the opportunities that I can have in the marine industry in Bangor and how much money do you need to live decently with a family of 4 persons including school fees bills insurances and everything ells.

We are thinking to do our move in the coming couple of years as first I need to sort some business issues here in Malta.

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards

If you do move over, make sure you do it before Brexit happens ;)

what are the aspects from the Brexit.
Is Northern Ireland going to rejoin with the republic of Ireland and remain in EU or is it going to be completely excluded and new import taxes will take place for any locally (Ireland) produced products and material?
I don't know much about this and it will be nice to understand more how it can effect us.

Sorry I forgot to welcome you to the Forum, So welcome odalb :)

This is the thing no one knows, so we have to watch how the negotiations go. I'm a Brit living in Austria. I am not overly worried as I've lived here for 8.5 years, I own property here pay my taxes. I doubt very much that I would be kicked out.

The thing is with Ireland and NI, is about the border between them and the EU is not happy about it

All I am saying is moved over before Brexit t6akes place. Because it might be harder for you to move after.

Thanks for the welcome.  ;) .

I don't want to hurry because of the brexit, maybe it will cause me more hassle, and for sure it will be something to take into consideration.

But what about safety in the streets as crimes and cost of living?
Is it a problem to find jobs in Bangor?

You have crime every where and always will, just as with rape, there are creeps every where. But generally, its a safe place to live.

You may wish to have a look at the following links for an idea of work. … eland.aspx

There are lots of Job agencies as well.

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