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Hi everyone,

I have never considered before Ireland as a possible country to live in, but somehow I did an interview and received a job offer. What do you think about 57k eur gross per year for a single person to live in Dublin? I read about the rents here and the crisis, do you have any advices? Also the banking system takes so many fees in comparison to what I have now. Is there some kind of online bank that offers better deals maybe? If you have any other advices too please do tell. I have never been before to Ireland.


Hi Alexa and welcome to forum,

Congratulations for your job offer ! When are you coming ? Where would you like to celebrate this good news around a pint or a glass of wine maybe ? Ha ha ! :)

57k€ gross is very good for a single person. You'll make precisely 3320€ net per month after tax.

For banks over here they are all about the same in all honesty. Some pretends to be cheaper but get fee for every time of transaction you do and some they charge you a fee every quarter (I'd rather do that usually) for account maintenance unless you do match all the criteria to avoid them but usually there is always a little catch to make you miss one.

For which company will you be working for ?

Feel free to message me in private if you need some further tricks and tips or information about Ireland.

Congratulations again.

Kind  regards,

Portgas D. Ace

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