Cost of Living 2 persons with a car and rented house

Hello to all,
With 1500 euro can 2 persons with one car and rent a house to be OK per month ?
George & Veasna.

Hi Veasna Phai,

I changed your title such that it reflects your search.  Here is an interesting thread which could be relevant to you : Cost of living in Ireland – 2015

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Hi Vaesna,

Honestly no. Renting is gone so high now that you'd better save to get enough for 10% deposit and buy a flat/house, you'd pay less per month than renting.

And 1500 euros per month is clearly not enough budget for renting. I'm not even sure if you could do sharing with couple accepted as it would probably cost you half of your budget in the best scenario if you're very lucky. That would probably cost you something around 1K for a couple, leaving you with only 500 euros for food, car insurance, and to not forget the bills coming up every couple of months. Unless you're fancy rice and water all day, I would not suggest such a move unless you increase your budget and incomes by at least a good 50% (ideally more if you don't want to feel restrained).

Best of luck.

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Portgas D. Ace

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