How much salary is enough in Ireland

Hoping you're all in great condition guys! I would like ask those who are living in Ireland specially in rural areas like Monaghan ( although I'm not really sure if that's really part of their rural) Is salary of €45k gross per annum enough for a family of 4 to live comfortably? Husband and wife plus 2 kids (2 yrs old and 8 yrs old). Do you think with that amount we can buy our basic needs and some of our wants like eating in restaurant and some toys for our kids? And can we still keep some savings from that? Thank you guys and Godbless you all!

My family has the same question. Hope we're able to get an answer. :-)


House in Middlelands area are cheap, including Monaghan.

If you already have a bit of savings, I would advise you look for buying straight forward over there as the houses are really cheaper than the big cities. You can get very decent detached house with 3~4 bedroom for under 200k€ sometimes. Your monthly payment will be surely lower than paying a big rent and that would probably make things easier in  terms of cost of living for the other stuff (foods, kids, outdoor plans).

Does the 45k is your income all combined or just yours ?

That makes  nearly 3100€ net per month without including  any  help you might be eligible to get.  In some areas in Cork they apparently manage  to handle it with a family of 3~4  so if in Cork it's manageable,  you can be quite confident that it will be in Monaghan as things are more expensive in Cork, Dublin and Galway than in Monaghan, that's for sure ^^

But wait for some other feedback just to make sure.

Best of luck.

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I think you can get by on 45k as portgas has mentioned but it also depends on what type of lifestyle you are use to and what your expectations are. I think if you are use to the simple things in life minimalist, no high expectations you can do ok. Childminding needs to be factored in and the cost of creche can be money zappers. It might be cheaper than in the city but very much part of your planning. The cost of car and insurance needs to be factored in as well. You  will need a car to get around with kids, bad weather etc. Housing cost include rent, heating etc. Not sure about eating out much.
I think you will have to run a tight budget given these factors but its doable.
all the best

Thanks Portgas, you da' Ace.

I am thinking or retiring to The ROI from Australia so all info is appreciated.  I would certainly not be settling down in Dublin due to cost but was a bit surprised that Cork also seems expensive.  I was considering Cork for no better reason than fitting in (see my surname).  I would just be a single guy 60yo so am looking for more of a simple lifestyle, with perhaps the odd trip to Dublin, UK, EU or back to Oz.  Any advice would be appreciated  Bill O'Reilly

I think wicklow is another option to concider.  It is close to dublin for the airport commute and you can find a quiet spot with beautiful vistas. I live in wicklowtown. Its on the east coast by the sea. If you enjoy hill walking wicklow is the place to be. Kerry is just as nice and the west of Ireland is beautiful. Frankly I would choose a warmer option like one of the islands, sardinia or canaries for retirement. Ireland is way too cold. It is expensive for retirement and health services not great at all. Waiting times for specialists are ridiculous even if you have money to burn. Just given the fact you come from a much more 1st world country with reasonably good services. Just some thoughts to ponder.

You're welcome. No problem at all ^^
I agree with sanbo, that can be a good alternative.
Technically as soon as you go outside of Dublin, property are ridiculously cheaper.
If you look for a decent compromise, you can have a look on daft,ie and look for properties in the counties around Dublin like Meath, Kildare. Louth or Wicklow. There are sometimes bargain if you already have a kind of lifetime savings given you retired :P

Best of luck !

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Portgas D. Ace

Thanks for the reply guys! Will be moving there in a week or two.I'm excited and at the same time nervous. I know it will be all totally different there. From the people, culture and the weather of course. Im not used into cloudy and cold weather and most especially the rain..I honestly don't like rainy days coz it makes me feel sad and lazy. So weather in Ireland will be my big challenge once we moved in.  But Im still postive that I can adapt easily (praying for it). And hoping to find find job too. 🙂 Have a nice day everyone!

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