Thinking of moving to Denmark and have some questions...

Me and my husband are thinking of moving to Denmark in the next year.
We would like to know how hard it is to learn the language and can we do it as we live there or we need to learn it before? Where can we learn it before?
What should be our monthly income in order to live OK and not worry about money (we thought of living in Copenhagen)?
I work as Software Developer and my husband in Digital Marketing and Social media. Is it hard to find a job? Where can we search? Is it common to hire foreigns?
My husband is a EU citizen and I am not. We got married in Copenhagen. Which rights do we have as Expats? Where can we read about it?
It could be great to hear from someone who made a relocation to Denemark and to know if it possible...

Thanks :)

As a beginning I suggest that you take a look at above sites.



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