Think Carefully

Hello friends

I would like to suggest you some thing if you like please comment.

If you are going to do business in Nepal Please think carefully which business is more benefit in Nepal. Dont invest money in hurry please think carefully Which business is better. Why I am doing ? You are playing card game you can win or you can lose. so think of winning.
How much capital do you want to invest? Think about competitive market.

If you need some ideas comment your email. How much capital do you want to invest in Nepal?

I am going to relate to you a true story which actually took place in Kathmandu only about four months ago. On that occasion, I called upon one my good and most reliable nepali suppliers in Kathmandu, with a good size store minutes away from KGH. After saying hello to this guy, I asked him "How's business these days?" And he replied with a slight smile on his face:  "Right now, business is dead.  The truth is that I sell nothing...look at my shelves....full of goods. The buyers are not there"
So when I queried him further and added: "But if that is the case, how do you make a living, then?
And he answered very candidly, which left me in no doubt that he was telling me the truth: "I speculate on land" and he added with a broader smile that time: "..and I make big money buying and selling land that way"
End of story.
Incidentally, can you tell us how much money you are personally putting in and committing from your side, in the business you want to create? What's your figure?

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