Possibilities of teaching jobs in Nepal

Yes I'm also looking into possibilities of teaching jobs in Nepal, but have little information on the subject so far, if any one has anything on this please let us know ? Many thanks

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you wanna work or start up with some teaching business?

I was in Kathmandu in 2011 teaching conversational English at a Tibetan Monastery. So I have some experience in this area. The first thing is to evaluate your skills. I took a short course at the local community college although I have a degree in Humanities & experience in teaching and writing. The classes are usually under the title of TESL or TEFL. Then you will find many opportunities for pay or as a volunteer usually with some reward such as room & board. Then put together a short resume and shop the websites or go to your nearest Tibetan/Nepal community or a Dharma Center wherever you live. If you want to teach in the public or private school system in Nepal do a search online, they all have websites. I was specifically asked to teach " conversational English" rather than grammer and the technical aspects of the language. I taught two classes of young monks everyday ages 13-21. We used the English language newspapers, story books and drills. I kept it fun and we had a great time. I lived at the monastery and participated in all the daily activities and soaked up the Tibetan culture which was one of my personal goals. If you want to discuss more details online, please email me...cwb1948[at]
My name is Chris! Have a great day...Namaste!

Thank you Chris,
That's very helpful, are you still in Nepal now ? It's as I figured I guess, I'm really looking for opportunities teaching art and design, not Englush

I returned home to the US after 3 months at the monastery. I was planning on a year but had a few health & personal issues that needed me to be home. So now its 2015 and I am making plans to return in September for 3 months. Most of the schools in Kathmandu have a full curriculum. You just need to start an online search and start making contacts. Everyone there has email & Facebook. If you need some tips & help with trip planning, accommodations and local contacts I would be glad to help. There are lots of tricks to getting ready for a 24 hour flight and the culture shock when you step into Nepal's very exotic culture. Just let me know how I can help. C!

Thank you Chris,
That's such a help, I will do that for sure. I have a few local contacts in Pokhara as I've been several times before. I'm also hoping to return in August for 5 months.
I've never thought of the monestry work- by it's an interesting idea..
Many thanks again

I am planning to return to Nepal in late August or early September. What airport do you fly out of. I can leave from New York (JFK) or Washington DC (Dulles). It sure would be nice to have someone to travel with. P.S. I don't snore on airplanes!!! Chris

i think you will get the chance to teach in Nepal. i think you must have your license provided by Nepal Government. once you get the license provided by the government of Nepal then you should apply for the job of teaching.
go through this site and be a member to apply different types of job vacancies.

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