Reg. Employment / VISA BAN removal

Dear Team,
I had joined one of the companies in Aug-26-2015, n left the job in very short notice, now my 2 yrs of visa has be come to close by 26-Aug-2017, is still there is a BAN on me or it is removed.
So that i can try for a better company in Oman.
pls give your valuable suggestions....

Hi T.L.N.Reddy,

The dates mentioned above by you do not make for 2 years.

To clarify, the 2-year cool-off wait period would commence from the date of the expatriate's exit from the Sultanate, for a period of 2-years.

This is also subject to the expatriate exiting the country after following all the required clauses such as cancelling the employment visa, etc.

Dear Sumitran sir,
I left
Sultante on 3-sept-2015. so as per your comments my BAN will close by 3-sept-2017 only....??!!

I had submitted by resignation on a later date approx. end of sept.
Pls let me know in this regard.

Hi T.L.N.Reddy,

When you left on September 03, 2015 you were still an employee, right ?

If you read my post carefully you will notice that the 2-year wait period would be applicable only for those expatriates who cancel their employment visas and exit.

When your employer eventually cancelled your employment visa needs to be ascertained and your clock will start ticking from then.

Dear Sir, Thanks for the info.  but i could i know what has happened after my leaving the country.
My employment visa was provided till 26-Aug-2017 only, even i got the Residence card printed "Valid till 26-8-2017" only.
Is this means i can apply for other opportunities now on wards....

Reddy T.L.N

Dear Sir,
pls let me know is there any online site available to check the status on BAN etc...

T.L.N.Reddy :

Dear Sir,
pls let me know is there any online site available to check the status on BAN etc...

No, there isn't any such facility available.

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