Buying a house & lot, ( foreigner )


Thank you for reading this thread, I want to buy a house & lot in the Philippines in Cebu, I married and my wife is from Philippines <3, now I know I can't own a land or house in the Philippines but is there like a special privilege because I married to a filipino to get ownership ?

The special privilege is that you are buying HER a house.

You are correct in saying that a foreigner cannot own land in the Philippines.  Furthermore, I am not aware of any special privileges that may be granted to you on the basis of your legal marriage to a Filipina citizen.  However, I also understand you may take a long term leaseback on property in your wife's name,  which will give you some security when you build a house on the property if that is your intention.   The leaseback makes it more difficult for your wife (or her family) from kicking you out of the house, but this is quite obviously, not a very productive circonstance either.   
There is another way to own land here in the Philippines and that is to set up a corporation with other Filipinos as shareholders.  This is a complex legal situation and I would not recommend this option for just a house and lot for your own use.   
I forgot to mention that you may own a condominium unit and have the title in your name.  Lastly, you will find many articles dealing with this subject on the internet, but to answer your question in a that I do not believe you are granted any special privileges, just because you are now married.   You will most likely see more responses to your post.  Good luck going forward..

Hi  condo is easy im a aussie  builder  we own  condos in makati . .now developing beach front land in oslab  again in both names ..look man if you really love her .realestate is the only way to go  ..  .buying land is with danger   .use a lawyer. And check the council titles. .things move very very slow in philippines .. seems if they sense  a foreigner   well price goes up  lucky i speak  talgala.

Where is oslab?

Really? Have you not heard of the world famous whale sharks?

I'm vaguely aware of whale sharks but have never heard of oslab.

See a little bit about it here : … sayas.html

Will you be selling in oslab?

Yes, Oslob is a town of Southern Cebu, nearing the tip of Cebu. Beautiful quiet place, clear waters, fresh air. It's worth to stay for a night. We love Oslob. I always visit that town when we are in Cebu. I enjoy swimming with the whales. But just a reminder, they only accept cash, no ATM around. Its worth a visit.

So you will be selling there?

Hello MrSalue.    Do you have feedback to make a decision on whether to buy a house and lot here in the Philippines?   I do not believe it makes any difference whether you marry the girl or not!    Either way, you will have secured her future...

Yep, like I said ...... The special privilege is that you are buying HER a house.

MrSalue, no privilege. You should have applied for permanent resident visa so you will have absolute ownership of the property though it wasn't late to do such. The benefit of marrying filipina can lead to easy process of such. You can also get a lawyer and have him prepared Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that you own the house and lot and your wife nor her family can't sold it without your permission. That atleast can save you when things get worse. You have a lucky wife and I wish the best on your stay here. Thank you for choosing Philippines!

What is correct in the last post, is that it is relatively easy to obtain Permanent Resident status if you  legally marry a Filipina citizen.   As I understand it though, it is impossible of a foreigner to have legal title to a piece of property here in the Philippines.   You may draw up a legal document which gives you ownership of the dwelling, or more accurately, the right to live in the house for x number of years, but that is it.  Either way if things do not turn out for you, you will have all her uncles and cousins parents and grandparents occupying your house and whatever legal papers you have, will not matter.  You will be a troublemaker and perhaps booted out of the country!  You are the foreigner and the Filipinos will stick together!   You have paid for her house on her legally owned lot, so take many pictures !

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