EPF contributions by employee and not by employer

Hi All,

I am working in Malaysia since 2015. Since then my willingness to contribute towards EPF has not been approved or acknowledged by my company. I have been trying to explain them as well as I have been trying to figure out if I alone can contribute towards EPF without having my company to pay even RM5 towards it for me but not getting anywhere. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to contribute just from my side towards EPF and not involve my employer at all for any sort of contribution?


Yes, you can contribute. When you leave the country the amount will be returned to  you. Employer will have to pay something. I think the minimum is RM20.

Thanks for the reply. Like I said earlier I am willing to contribute and I know I can but the problem is my employer is not even willing to get into all this and as far as I know they need to pay only RM5
So I don't want to bother anymore about my employer and go ahead just contribute by myself. And that is what I wanted to know if it's possible for me to pay alone by myself without my employers contribution.

I didn't think you got any interest on contributions as a foreigner? Otherwise the rates are very good and at least double the bank FD rate.

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