Hope you're doing well.

I am moving to Bulgaria in September and I will be working (Business Park).

I would like to know if there's anyone renting a room not far away from that area - Ideally quite close to central as well as work.

At first I am planing to have a flat mate while I get used to the city and afterwards I am planing to rent a flat on my own. If I move in with a local I will have enough time to get to know the housing market and places where I would like to live.

I believe that having someone else as a flat mate will definitely ease the stress of my arrival - the settling and most important having to find a cosy place to live without being rushed.

All help will be very much appreciated.

Many thank,


Hi Paulo,

I think there's a FB page of people searching for a flat mate in Sofia. Yo can try there.But actually, you'd better search directly for a small flat or a studio close to Business Park.

Hey Kristiann,

Many thanks for your feedback.

I am now looking into every option I have so I can decided which one's best for me.

Renting a room to start with or perhaps to rent out a flat right now.

Nevertheless thank you for getting back at me.



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