Transferring from employer visa.


I've been with my family in Oman for the past Fifteen years, and my dad's two year contract with the company is completing soon so he will not be renewing that contract with the company. Instead, he is planning to start his own business here in Oman.

I wanted to know if it's possible to transfer his visa to the bussiness/investor visa since we already have a new sponsor. And if the NOC is required for this.


Well, I'm still waiting for a response. Does anyone have any info regarding this? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

visa can be transferred either by local release or by a non objection certificate. your dad has been working for a company whether he has completed his contract or not he needs to get either of the two to switch to a new sponsor even if it is an investor visa for doing his own business.

Hello, Thank you for your response.
I wanted to know what does a Local release mean?

local release means u can switch your sponsor locally without exiting the country.

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