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Hi folks.
Does anybody have any idea how I can get health cover in France ? I've been here 2 years with my French wife. I don't work but I'm too young to retire. I've been told that if I work for just one day only I will then be on the system so therefore covered. Any ideas as even getting work for just one day in Toulouse could prove difficult ?


Hi David,

Your wife can add you to her own health cover as a dependent at no cost.
I covered how to go about this exact process ***

Hope it helps;

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Thanks, it seems almost to easy but I will mention it to her.
Many thanks

It is super easy David, and as her spouse you have every right to health cover!

Even though I don't work or pay any taxes etc ? She is still working though


Dear david

I am workless, but my health is covered by my partner health insurance.
And my benefits are same benefits as my partner has.

Its so easy to get it.

Ok thanks

You're entitled to the CMU, as is every person living legally in France.Go to your local CRAM,they'll advice you.Or look it up at the AMELI website

Absolutely, you can get coverage! This came up in my French civics class (I had as part of welcome to France as a spouse of French National) - you don't even need to wait the usual 3 months if your spouse is French!
It will take a month or two after you apply; do it ASAP!
My posts on the process so far: … rance.html … art-2.html

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