Job Offer (?)

My name is Prayitno.
Just got a job offer recently from a company namely SGF Energy Ltd.
The company address is:
Kurtulus Caddesi, No.2
45035 Tuzla - Istanbul, Turkey
Trying to find out its location thru satellite googling, appreciate if someone could help me to show where it is close to.

Thank you so much.


hello Mr. Wibowo!

   I tryed to help you and i could not find any info about them.

   I found this note very similar your question:

My name is Gabriel Puerta, I recently received a job offer from a company called Hummer Energy Inc. With details as follows:

Hummer Energy Inc

Tel: xxxxx12

They've asked to contact some

Barr. xxxx
Istanbul Turkey

To start the visa process. It sounds like scam to me. Does anyone have any advise?

Many thanks for any input

   All answers to this adv. were the same: It is scam!

   Please take care!

Hi Marcela,
Thanks so much for the reply and help 🙏🙏
Just wondered not to get trapped 😊
Have a good day

Best Regards,

Hey Prayitno

I received an offer from exactly the same company...they says the offer come from Gulf Recruit

also they offerd me very big salary
they offerd 32000 USD per month  :D
please this my email contact with me to see this matter ****

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