Document for spouse visa

Hello,I'm Sneha, I'm looking for information about paper work in France.
I am married to an irish person and I am Mauritian. We both  want to move to France for a year or two. 
As a spouse of an Eu citizen, I know I have the right to stay in the Eu country. I have already check the Europa website for info.
Can someone please advise Wat are the necessary documents to have before moving to France as a non eu spouse.

Do all the papers need to be in translated in French( birth cert, marriage certificate...)

Please help...

Thank you

Hi Sneha, everything depends on the consulate where you currently live (they are all at least slightly different in their requirements). I think this is yours?
I would look around it, knowing you want a long séjour.
Normally, it's easier for a spouse of an EU citizen, so look for that info as well.

Thanks again Julie.

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