Permission to work as spouse of eu citizen

Hello fellow friends,

Im am in a complex situation here in montpellier.
Me and my husband, we are here a month now and we have an appointment with the prefecture end of this month to drop our papers for titre de sejour for me .i am  non eu and my husband is from the eu.

I have been offered a job trial and they want to hire me through the interim agency  for the trial period .

The question is can i work before getting a titre de sejour or i have to wait until the paper work is done.
I didnt need a visa  to travel to france 8and i can stay up to 3 months.

Please advice how we should proceed and also if there is a citizenship office here to get quick answers , instead of going to Prefecture all the time.

Thank you again and merry xmas to you all.


You cannot work until you have the needed residence permits and work authorizations!  Also, if there is a citizenship office, I doubt they would be concerned with this, as it doesn't pertain to citizenship.  Maybe others have some comments to offer also.

Romaniac Experts Team

If its a law-abiding firm, it will ask to see the correct documents that says you are able to work. As you don't, I doubt they will take you on.

Thank you for the advice.

Thank you.

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