Help!!! Fil-french marriage in pinas

Hello guys. Im 29, filipina and i have a 34yrs old french bf. We have plans of getting married this year here in the phil. but as i was checking on the french embassy website, it looks so complicated and they require alot of documents..

I hope someone could help me and give me advise on how to start doing it and how the process are done. Dos and donts.
I would like also to hear from those filipina who got married to a french nationals on how they fixed their papers.

Thank you and God bless

Hello po sana makatulong po ako.kinasal po kami ng husband ko nung oct 2014 lang andito na ko ngayon sa france. Madali lang po ako19 pa lang pero natapos ko po lahat,kung maytanong ka po email niyo na lang po ako rodelyn.rejaumont[at] matagal po ang certificate of legal capacity for marriage pero pagkatapos lahat madali na po lalo na visa.

Thank u for the comment... Thank u

Would love to know more infos about the process of getting married to a french man.... Thank u.

it is complicated a big YES for it. I am Indonesian my husband is French, since mix marriage in my home country is even more complicated, we decided to get married in France in this case at La Maire where my husband reside, they asked for :
1. my birth certificate translated and legalized by the Minister of foreign affairs and the Minister of Law in Indonesia.
2. my national ID
3. my passport
4. my local family card
5. proof of my residence in Indonesia.
6. a letter signed by my parents stating that they agree the wedding will be held in France.
Then they offered some dates, once we choose the date, we had to submit all of these papers at La Maire as soon as possible, then we had to pass the interview, both of us, different time and places, i went back to Indonesia and interviewed by the Ambassador of the French Embassy at his office. My husband was interviewed at La Maire.
After they evaluate all our answers, match them, and check our papers, then they post our wedding at La Maire for 11 days, if there is someone objected by that, the wedding might be canceled. happened without any problem, but the process we've been through since we start gathering papers until it's done was almost a year, but we would never gave up. We did it as simple as possible, we didnt have time to invite a Pastor/Priest, we just let La Maire do their job.

I hoope this would help.
if there is anything more you would like to ask, dont hesitate
Good luck

hallo mba, saya org indonesia...salam kenal..
mau tanya nih..interviewnya seperti apa yah kalo boleh tau...
thanks :)

Hi Angeliccute,
firstly i'm sorry to reply you with english because i did a while a go,a reply with Bahasa Indonesia and one of the expat-blog team appeared and 'memperingatkan saya' to only use english since this is an english speaking forum :)  so i dont want it happen again  :D

About the interview, they will not tell you what they will ask, it's all about how well and how far you know your future spouses, how long have you been together, what is the purpose of the marriage and how serious is it, about your both families (to the man they will ask about the woman's family and vice versa), then at the end they will match the answers from both sides, this is to prevent a 'white wedding' (fake wedding) which happen many times only to give the woman access to Europe and then they separated. They will decide on the wedding based on your answers, so every couple got differents questions. Even it is possible that they will ask the future husband what is the brand of his future wife's make up. It is tricky, but as long as the future spouses decide the wedding seriously and truly wanna live together, this interview should be very easy.

are you planning to get married?
where are you living now?

haiii so sorry if i use indonesian language before newbie here i didnt know about that rule...
well..we will talk in english then :p
anyway its so ridiculous question that ever i heard about brand make up lol...i hope he know already about my brand n all the thing that i use daily hahaha...

me n my bf will live together first at least 1 year and in April 2015 i will come again for the second time to Paris after xmas i came, and the purpose is to know about Deepen the french language , knowing french cultural and adapt live in france but that is primarily is to know each others character , especially for the love of every one of us has a strong before deciding to get married, so i ' m looking for information on these particular a mixed marriage.

currently i live in jakarta, how about you?

Did you ever lived together before u got married. Did you ever make long-term visit visa? i have little doubt about the conditions put forward by the embassy, they say i must attach some original documents  related his financial  ( coverage me ) but he said to that file that original cannot be given because he would get into trouble with the government so he could just deliver a copy of his right ( pdf file by mail ) :( hixhixhix....

How do you think about this? i want to know about your idea n of course i will also ask to official people in the embassy

By the way do you know where is the indonesian an association of people who lived in Paris , i was had dinner in indonesian restaurant in paris but nobody there lol the servant just paris people n they said, just owners is indo people....hmmm thats why the taste of food so different taste LOL... some people told me just visit "pasar malam" there have indo an association but still i got nothing :( There only a seminar on advertising , advertising on culture and the poems of indo artist till i found this blog and trying to find information and make friendship T___________T

May i know, how the quality of ability the french language you during the stay there ( how long have you lived there ) ?
I am not sure yet , for how long i could well speak in french , i really want to speak the french language but im type of person who do not like learning in the course LOL   i learned english also is self-taught  (an autodidact)

I'm looking forward to getting your answer ^_^

oh boy are you in trouble, From what you say all of this is a very bad idea, he's in trouble, you too might be. I suggest you forget about this and if the authorities come knocking plead love and stupidity. only in this case may they be understanding

Vincent2014 :

oh boy are you in trouble, From what you say all of this is a very bad idea, he's in trouble, you too might be. I suggest you forget about this and if the authorities come knocking plead love and stupidity. only in this case may they be understanding

Vincent, who are you addressing this comment to? Real Marriage is not a bad idea, fake-marriage is..

Angeliccute, no problem about the languages.

I am living in Athens now, but come home to France every other month. My husband is working here, and i'm still looking for a job.
Yes, we lived together before we got married, it's a must in French mix marriage. I had a long-term visa, the first time i applied was after the marriage, then i applied for the residence permit.
For the proof of finance, your BF just need to give a bank statement which stating the amount of money in his bank account (normally he could get this page from his online account on the bank website then just print it out) That's what my husband always do.

About Paris i am so sorry i dont know anything, we dont like Paris, and we dont live there, our house is in Rennes, Bretagne. I never lived sooooo long in one shot in France, i used to go there back and forth since years, sometimes 1 month, 2 months or 3 months, and my French is not so good, i only passed A1, i plan to continue here, just need to give the time. But i'm telling you that French is not an easy language like english which you can learn by yourself, you need a class for this, and a lot of practice by talking to people, i experienced this ; everytime i'm back in France my French is back on my tongue because (no choice) i have to force my self to speak French in France, but if i dont practice it outside France i would feel empty and suddenly forget everything ! and also to marry a French guy you need (at least) to pass the A1 exam and got the certificate.

If you need to ask more questions and feel more comfortable with our native language, you are welcome in my private message  ;)

Have a good day

Hi  - where in France are you looking to live after marridge?

We are in Brittany

Hi, if I was you better you get married in france is more easy for you tell to your bf to apply you fiance visa is not complicated . If you married in phil you must to declare your married in france embassy and you have manny papers to do in france. Fiance visa you must to have passport, single status , and birth certificate must to be sure that your single if you are Devorce you must to present Devorce papers.

Hello. My boyfriend lives in clichy il de france...

Thats good

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applemaecasumpang :

Hello. My boyfriend lives in clichy il de france...

To applemaecasumpang : have you get all infos you need for your marriage? looks like you said nothing for my long comments

Hello. I get married in the phils with my french husband. Its not so complicated but ur boyfriend should have at least 3 entry stamp on his passport to philippines. ( yes he should go there 3 times) its a long process but not so complicated.

hello you can do it girl,me i get married in the philippines ,it take us around six months to process all the papers but we have to do it and fortunately we did it...i hope you would be near to my place when you would be here in france....goodluck

Hi . How long did it take for the certificate released by the embassy?

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