E-visa application

Good day,i am from Filipine and just had my visa,type C. Upon e- visa application, I applied for Aug 21 to Nov 18, and uploaded travel insurance and invitation letter, both have same dates of Aug 21 to Nov 18, aside from my booking flight which's Aug 21 to Nov 17 (reserved , not purchased). To my surprised, the embassy granted me Aug 20 to Nov 17 instead of Aug 21 to Nov 18. Unfortunately, I already purchased my ticket for Aug 21 to Nov 18, because I applied for these dates on my visa. Now I have no choice but to adjust my return ticket with 400euros penalty. Is this really how the embassy grant/pick visa dates for applicants? Pls pls anyone who have knowledge with this. I already solved my ticket problem, but I would want to know if this situation is normal. Thanks and more power.

Hi, Mostly yes. It's really hard to predict the decission of embassy. 🙂

Salamat. God bless.

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