Forum For: Start Ups and Businesses Open for Partnering

Hello All,

I would like to start this Forum here as it seems to be missing. A person like me is looking for something like this in Kenya and couldn't find it really, which is sad for Nairobi/Kenya market.

I would like everyone to share their interest in Investing/Partnering in Their Business with someone, or start up something new or share Ideas with the Investors interested from outside and grab the opportunities.

Good Luck Guys! No one But You Yourself would help Yourself.


You can go to the top of this page and click on 'Jobs' Then select a category and place an offer there. This is a free service.

Under 'handy tools' at the top of the page there is a business directory which you can check through.

Wait until after the election!  Depending upon who gets in will determine how 'investable' Kenya will be!!

As far as partnering in a business is concerned, you have to be very very careful, as there are so many brokers, chancers and con artists around, many of which are highly convincing.  A vital element for the investor is also being able to obtain a Class G permit.  Without this, the investor leaves themselves very vulnerable to exploitation.

However, investment in something like property doesn't require a partner and is a good way to go.

Stumpy : Since that's a way to go through those tabs hence it's required to have a prominent Forum for this as discussion.

L62: Business is all about taking calculated Risks :)

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