criminal conviction history required from employers?

Hi, do maltese employers require a criminal conviction history from job applicants? Me and my wife are coming to Malta and we will be looking for work so we want to know if criminal checks from countries of our origin will be needed
thanks a lot

Think it depends on type of job you're planning on looking for. I needed a Maltese criminal check certificate for my job here, but because I had only been in Malta for less than a year I had to get a UK one too, Maltese one is no problem, 30mins queue and less than €3, sorted. I did actually have a UK one too, due to my job before I came here , but it was dated 6 months by then and they insisted on a new check. Doing it from Malta took a couple weeks, so I reckon wouldn't do any harm to get one just before you move. You'll find it best when you get here to always take all documents with you to register for anything, saves going back and forth to same departments,

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