Marrying in Panama

I'm have been divorced twice ,do I have to get both divorce papers apostilled are only the last one ,do I have to get it professionally​ translated are can I use a translator application and use that .

My fiancee lives in Panama , her last divorce has in Panama ,but her ex has passed away ,do we need to apostille her divorce papers are will just death certificate be good since he has passed away

That sounds like a legal question. Maybe Marcos Kraemer can help, or direct you to someone who can.

I highly recommend Marcos as well. Very honest lawyer, something that can be very difficult for many of is to find.

Im glad that your experience with Marcos was positive but I can think of more than a few friends/acquaintenences of mine who will testify otherwise........One Canadian friend had to go into his office and physically demand he give his passport back or else........Becuz he had dawdled and fooled around and charged him for nothing..........He speaks perfect English so he figures that gives him the right to charge top dollar......But maybe he has learned and gotten better......dunno, but dont intend to find out.........

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