passport 5months to expire

hi, guys have some issue that this coming October 10, 2017 is my final exit going to the Philippines, but  my passport will be expire this coming march 26, 2018. no problem if i go exit, that my passport is less than 6 months? i thank 5 months before expire my passport?

no problem u can go

only thing that is needed is that ur passport should be valid at the time of Final exit.

So sir even ill not renew my passport its oky to go exit?

No problem since you are going for a final exit🙂

yes no need to renew here. you can go to ur country and then u can renew ur passport.

Thank you...actualy i call to my company  to ask there regarding may passport...and same ans. Also..thank u guys

Just make sure it's a direct flight.

Mostly of my company give a direct flight. Thank u

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