Coffee in Vung Tau

Several years ago we used to go to a Pho place on a street off the main beach road in Vung Tau. The owner and my wife became friendly. I loved the coffee there as it had a slight hint of chocolate. It came in a brown paper bag with red lettering. The owner got us several bags as we lived in Singapore at the time. Also took a photo of the bag but my phone got lifted in Bangkok.

I know this is a reach but would anyone know this coffee?



was it 'Archcafe'.... or maybe Ca Phe Sach? they both came in brown bags.. archcafe was for 'Iced Coffee' and its lovely jubbly!  :)


Thanks for the information.


If ever any of you expats venture up farther north in Vung Tau, I recommend stoppping by my friend, Minh Anh Thi Dang's coffee shop just northeast of the Hắc Dịch round-about on the south side of the street.
Her brand of coffee is "Me Trang".

Cà Phê Trà Sữa Bắp
Ấp 2 Xã Hắc Dịch Tân Thành, Ba Ria, Vung Tau

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