Meeting places for British, Canadian & NZ expats in Vung Tau?

Where do British, Canadian, & NZ expats get together on a regular basis to meet in Vung Tau?

WTF coffee and deli

To be honest TT there's no single place. Loads of expats here but most tend to stick to their favorite haunts. If your adventurous enough you'll work your way around the 90 odd bars and find one you like. A few of us do the rounds at the weekend moving from one to another. The Corner bar is a good place to start. Good luck and enjoy.

Thanks, it makes it harder when one doesn't drink I guess?  :)  I'm bound to find someone to hang around with over cafe. Any popular Cafes come to mind?

WTF We Taste Fresh 11 Hoang Hoa Tham 6.30Am till 9PM everyday Dj and Van

OK, I'll catch up with you in January before Tet...

Apparently some Canadians visit Cafe Bai each evening around 5:00PM and some of them may not even drink.

There are generally a mix of people from all over at various cafes and bars and you're never obligated to drink. It's just a matter of finding a place where others don't drink or don't drink too much; it's a small gene pool so it can be a challenge to find agreeable individuals at times.

This reply is a little belated so hopefully you've likely met some regulars somewhere whom you get a long with if you are still in VT.

Where is Café Bai?

Near the corner of Truong Cong Dinh & Quang Trung, at the end of that strip of questionable western bars beside a small hem.

volunteer to be your local guider!

try My Life Coffee at 124 Ha Long Street

my Life Coffee 124 Ha Long Street ward 2 VT.

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