Holiday flat

Hi is there anyone that knows of any cheap flats that can be rented out for 2 weeks in sept in hurghada near beach ect.but is ok with Egyptian friend staying 
I know their is some in luxor that will let u stay 2gether without ofi marriage but I know no one in hurghada to ask.
I need to come over to get something sorted.but don't want to stay in a hotel

Hi Tarnyaellan,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Hurghada section of the website, under the Holiday rentals category. You might get an offer.

All the best,

That's so easy all you need to do is go on Facebook find a group called Hurghada Residents. Ask for the flat believe me in a few minutes u gonna get more than 20 offers of course including friend requests 😂 but at least u will get the flat u lookin for.
Or search for group called Hurghada but write it in Russian language and lots of Russian and Ukrainian residents will help u.
Best of luck

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