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I am currently living in Cairo and considering a move to Hurghada to escape the chaos here. Do any EXPATS have advice, suggestions, warnings about living there? I am a teacher and would be looking for a good quality international school in the area for work.

Any information would be fantastic.


Hi Anysley,
I live in Cairo and i move to Hurghada periodically for some work. As far as i know the language schools in Hurghada are very limited and i would advice you to contact them before you relocate in order to have a clear vision.
May be i can consult some friends in Hurghada if you are in need to.
Good luck

You can contact the El Gouna International school, there is also a German school and a French school. Google: schools Hurghada.

Hi I would recommend that you come for a holiday to see exactly what is on offer. 

Hurghada according to the parents does not have very good schools, there is the international one at El Gouna, but that too does not have great reviews as allegedly they pay very low salaries to the teachers and the children suffer from poor tuition.

Hurghada is a great place to come if you live in one of the upmarket areas, and do not have to work.  All there is to do in Hurghada is swim, dive, and sunbath!

I am an Australian living in Hurghada and I am teaching English here. There are many very good schools in Hurghada that would love to have you work for them. Now is the time to start applying for the start of the next school year. Don't just look at International schools as many of the other schools here look for Europeans to teach and if English is your mother tongue then you will be highly regarded. I have been teaching in a Language Kindergarten and am just about to start a new job at a Nursery/Preschool. My salary is high by Egyptian standards. If you look at schools like Futures, Rajac, Sun Rise Language school,Creative Minds. There are also many Nursery/Kindergartens that need English speaking teachers. I was teaching English, maths and science to KG1/2 in a language kindergarten. Google search for schools in Hurghada and also look on facebook... Hurghada is a lovely place to live :)

Hi. I flit between London and Hurghada which is a lovely place to be - but I don't work there so can't comment. I would say, however, that it is a gentler place to live in comparison to the chaos of Cairo.

El Gouna is the only international school on the Red Sea with salaries in line with international standards. You need to be a qualified teacher, with PGCE and teaching experience in your home country.

All other schools will hire unqualified teachers, so you should expect a salary in EGP, in line to local standards. If you are a full career teacher, perhaps the Red Sea does not offer lots of possibilities, if you are just looking for any teaching position, then you might be lucky to get a position by applying early.

[If you are a dedicated teacher, do not expect the same commitment  by the school management, or proprietor, It is merely a business for them].

Hi there
Do u still in hurghada
And teach English?
If yes I would like study IELETS test preparation u can offer it
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