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Hi again,im afraid im having no luck trying to find out about starting a small business ( bar) in hurghada) can anyone help me with this,,,if i had hair i would be tearing it out by now !! lol

What do you need to know?

Do i have to have a work visa? Do i have to have a certain amount of capitol,what is the tax situation,can i own the bar or do i have to have an egyptian partner, just general info but the biggest question is can it be done?   many thanks om abdallah,,you are a gentleman ...Ian ..

Hi Ian

I don't have a business here in Hurghada but I am posting a link here for you to a Facebook page of a business owned by an English couple. I am sure if you message them they would give you plenty of information.
You will be given a lot of incorrect information by 'helpful' people so be careful. I have been told that you do not need to have an Egyptian partner to own a business here, although many will tell you that you do.
Be very careful about which lawyer you use. There are some that are okay but many are not good and some not trustworthy.
I have a very good lawyer that I use and also an English friend of mine uses him too. She has known him for a number of years and I have used him for two years. I am happy to give you his number if you would like to use him.

Here is the Facebook link … ieHurghada

By the way if you ever need a website or marketing assistance you can contact me as that is my specialty :)

All the best with everything and if you need to know anything else I am happy to help if I can

thankyou tiger,much appreciated,,you can message me with your friends details if you would,again thanks,,,ian

Hello Ian,
Check this out, it might help you ;-) … a-business

Best Wishes Man :)

actually, there is someone in hurghada who is looking for a business partner for a licensed restaurant, you can check

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While you don't need an Egyptian partner to form an LLC, you do need at least another foreign partner. (LLC 2 partners). The director/manager must be Egyptian.
You do need a work permit to work in your company. It should stand at 3000 LE for the first few years of activities, reaching a maximum of 12,000 LE after 7 years.

Check at the Ministry of Manpower website.

i just seen your post
my name is michael Austrian Italian mix and i am a freelancer business development here in cairo
my job is brand development... if you need to talk further
i can forward you my resume first so you could know who i am
then we can talk further if you still interested on how to assist you further
with your business needs..

michael fredrek

I opened a design agency in Hurghada last year, together with an Egyptian partner. I got a work permit through it (which I need because I am not only the owner but also the graphic designer of my company). The procedure is long and expensive. There are various kinds companies, so the requirements are different. I opened the company through an independent accountant and can highly recommend him. His website is

Does your accountant know anyone in Marketing?

Hi Tigerlily
How much do you charge for designing a website?

I was working as marketing manager before in several companies, so maybe I could help you. I also do websites; costs depend of course on the content, the amoutnof pages and languages. Prices start roughly at 6000 EGP.

Am working as media planner and project planner and also we have company for managing the smart home ( controlling all your devices and cartoons , lights,everything in your house from your mobile if you have any questions contact me

Thanks Tigerlilly I appreciate your quote

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