Teaching English in Queretaro

Hello, I was wondering if anyone on the forum is teaching English?

I've heard there are still lots of opportunities to teach in Mexico, but I'm not sure if most people go down and then find work, or if it is possible to go through a recruiter.

What has been your experience?  I would also love to hear from anyone teaching in the South, near Guatamala or Belize.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

Hi  Marinx,

If you look through previous posts, you will find many who have talked about this subject. Just look at subjects posted on the forum.

Buena suerte

I do see lots of questions, but few to no answers.

Thanks anyway!

I have been teaching English in foreign countries for the past 3 years--2years in Turkey, 6 months in Italy and the last 5 months in Mexico. My first job in Turkey was through a recruiter but the others I have found on my own. I just secured a teaching job in Merida and have returned to the US to receive my work permit, which one must receive in the States.  I have found teaching positions pretty easy to find but often it is much easier to secure the position with a personal interview. I took a volunteer paid position with only a 5 month contract as my first Mexico job so I could get a feel for the country before I committed to a longer post and as a paid volunteer, I didn't need the work permit for this "trial Mexico" experience.  Don't know if this answers any questions for you.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

You've taken the route that seems the most popular, going into the country and then finding something.

Well, I may just have to get my self set up so I could do the same thing!

Good luck. Remember, fear is a Liar!

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