Private car with driver

I shall move to Phnom Penh at the end of august.
I  am searching for a private car with driver, on a monthly base,  for driving/pick up Child to school,
go shopping supermarket, go to business meetings.
All within the city limits (up to the airport).

How much you willing to pay for that? And that will be full time driver right?

It not exactly full time.
It is a few hours everyday:
* Every morning: bring Child to school
* Every evening: pick up Child from school, back home.
* Everyday: going to supermarket
* Occasionally: going to business meeting
* Occasionally: going for diner at night.
Price to be negotiated.Please make offer.

You can rent a car here for $300-800 depending on what model. You drive yourself.
and send your child to school.  Hiring a driver is not a good way here .. for I am scared you cant entrust you kid to a stranger.

Just a piece of advice.  My friend driver pawn the car.. the other one stole the car.

So either you hire a tuktuk but you need to get a copy of his ID and pay him monthly basis in a contract or take someone from a good recommendation.
or take a taxi from app. ( just also a good one, some taxi are assholes cant even use GPRS)

Awesome advice from Liamie. Prevention is better than cure right?..

You are right.
Yes, rent a car and drive myself is an option and start from 300$/month
Indeed  hire a driver with his own  car should be under recommandation, with  copy of his ID / driving license / car insurance.  It cost also around 300 $/month

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