Has anyone tried out the uber type taxi app (EXNET) yet?






Got a frequent Exnet taxi ride. Excellent service I could say. Very reasonable rate and I like the idea that I can see the driver getting close to my pick-up point so that I can time myself upon the driver's arrival. Another good thing was that I could see the estimated cost before i book my trip then I always would get an emailed invoice with the map of my journey every after my trip which is easy for me to reimburse from my company. Regarding your question with the Pick-up time, I noticed that it depends if there are nearby taxi around the area. Normally, I could get a ride within 5-15mins. Well, I would definitely recommend Exnet taxi. Thumbs up for getting a service like this which makes my ride very convenient without bargaining with tuktuks.

Used it once for an early morning (3:30 AM) transfer to airport.
The taxi, a SUV type car, arrived within 15 minutes and costed $11.00 for a downtown to the airport trip. Surely, I would recommend the service!

Yeah great service and response time. Im a daily customer now and have befriended many of the drivers

does anyone have a referral code?

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hello, any update, still using it from PP airport ? How much is it ? Thanks.

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