Work chance in Australia

Hello, everybody! My boyfriend has received one job offer in Sydney to start in August. We are from Uruguay but now we are living in India.
If someone wants to advice or suggest anything, it will be welcome.
We need to get VISAS. This is the toughest part...

Thanks and kindly regards for all of you

Hello, as he has been offered a job from a company, in Australia, he should more likely ask the company for all the advice he needs. That will be his best bet, to be honest. Hope that helps to start you both off. Hope others here, have much more detailed advice to give you though. Good luck to both of you as well.

Thanks, Tranz!! We will do  ;)  they don't have too much experience with foreigners, but they are very willing to help.

Well that will be a start i suppose! ;)

Company should take care of everything. Lucky for you.

Hi,i am from India,my qualification is graduate in  commerce so can i go Australia by work visa without ielts if i have job offered from Aus?

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