Investing in cosmetic clinic

I want to invest in establishing a cosmetic surgery clinic in Ho Chi Minh? What conditions and procedures do I need to set it up? Please, email me if anyone know. Thanks all so much.

Sounds like you want to start a clinic yourself. Either way learn to trust no one but yourself. Do lots of due diligence before committing. There are lots of scammers in Vietnam.

Cosmetic surgery clinics in Saigon are two a penny. It was a good market 15 years ago, with many hospitals ran by foreign doctors (or Vietnamese doctors who were trained in the States), and with Overseas Vietnamese arriving on every other flight for the procedures. It's no longer a lucrative business.

It has been reported recently that the medical tourism is a growing industry. Are you planning to start  your own practice or just invest?

If you really need info, contact the relevant agencies that deal with the licensing.


Regarding the conditions and procedures to set up a cosmetic surgery clinic in Vietnam, kindly refer the following for your information and consideration.

Setting up a cosmetic surgery clinic in Vietnam by a foreign investor is governed by the Vietnam’s service commitment on accession into World Trade Organization (the “Commitment”) and the local laws. Accordingly, pursuant to the Commitment, the foreign investors are allowed to establish a hospital under the form of (i) 100% foreign capital; (ii) joint venture with Vietnamese partners; or (iii) business cooperation contract. The minimum investment capital for a specialized treatment facility is USD 200,000.

As prescribed by Decree 109/2016/ND-CP dated 01 July 2016 issued by the Government on issuance of practice certificates to healthcare practitioners and operation licenses to healthcare facilities, requirements for issuance of operation license to cosmetic surgery clinic are:

(i)    Facilities

a.    Having location fixed and separate from areas for daily-life activities, having sufficient light, dustproof ceiling and wall and floor made of materials which can be cleansed easily.
b.    Having consulting rooms whose area is at least 10 m2, patient stay rooms whose area is at least 12 m2  and a place for patient reception.
c.    Having a procedure room with an area of at least 10 m2 if the procedure is performed.
d.    There shall be a sterilization area for treating medical instruments for reuse which is separated from other areas.
e.    Satisfying the conditions of radiation safety, hospital waste management and fire and explosion prevention according to law; ensuring the aseptic operation.
f.    Ensuring the sufficiency of electricity and water supply and other conditions for patient care.

(ii)    Medical equipment

a.    Having sufficient medical equipment and instruments suitable to the practice scope that the facility registered.
b.    Having anti-shock first aid kits and sufficient specialized emergency drugs.

(iii)    Personnel

a.    Any chief physician of a specialized clinic shall satisfy the following conditions:

•    Being a doctor with a practice certificate suitable for at least one of the specialities registered by the clinic.
•    Having worked as a healthcare practitioner in such speciality for at least 54 months.
•    Being a plastic surgeon or an cosmetological doctors.

b.    Persons other than the chief physicians of a specialized clinic working in the specialized clinic must have a practice certificate and be assigned in accordance with the practice scope specified in such practice certificate if wishing to provide healthcare.

(iv)    Scope of technique expertise

a.    Creation of dimples, obliteration of supercillary arch tattoos, lifting of supercillary arch, formation of cheekbone, cleft chin or receding chin, reconditioning of facial and neck skin;
b.    Eyelid, nose, lip and ear re-shaping;
c.    Cosmetic surgery clinics are not allowed to perform plastic surgery operations of breast augmentation or implant, reduction of mammary areola and nipples; neatening of abdominal wall, buttock and thigh; tightening of facial, buttock and thigh skin; fat removal;
d.    Other professional techniques as approved by Department of Health of the province directors based on the actual capacity of practitioners and conditions of medical equipment and physical foundations of each clinic.
e.    Cosmetic surgery that would change identity features of persons indicated in their identity cards may be performed only after these persons have filed requests for permission of police departments that have issued their identity cards.

Should you have any question, please let me know. Thank you.

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