Job Offer and some Questions about Edinburgh


My partner and I are thinking to relocate to Edinburgh. I was offered a job at the University.
My partner would be on my Tier 2 visa so we were told he can work. We are trying to gage
the salaries there. I was offered 32,000 pounds ? Is this poverty level or could we live there
okay. He would be able to start working once were settled but we would appreciate any
insight as the cost of living in Portland and Salary is really alot higher. We just don't want
to put ourselves in a situation of living in bad  conditions.

:) Thank you,


If you are clever with your money and don't go out every evening you could cover the cost of both of you on that salary. Also depends where you live, council tax can nail you in really good areas.

Thanks kindly >My partner would be working once we got sorted.
Could you kindly tell me what areas you would recommend in Edinburgh.
We are coming from Portland Oregon and I had lived in Glasgow for 6 years prior  but
don't know this city at all for residing.

Thank you :)

What I know about Edinburgh is dangerous lol but I can ask around for you I know a couple of people who come from Edinburgh.

Sorry for the hijack, but what would you recommend for a family of 5 in terms of household(Both parents combined) annual salary?

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