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My self abdussalam from India. I was  in Dubai  for last two years and i have valid uae driving licence .currently am working in Oman with employment visa,   i would like to change my licence here in Oman. while changing here they are demanding original licence . if i change here the uae licence is still valid ...?   i may go back to Dubai again so can i get a copy of my licence .. ? or i can change this Oman  licence there also , if yes, what i need to do..? i am getting different answer from peoples...please advice..

Thank you..

Hi abdussalam c,

I am not surprised that you are getting different answers from different sources. The reason for that is, the rules keep changing every now and then. What is in process today may either be amended or even revoked a week hence.

So the best thing for you to do would be to pay a personal visit to the ROP licencing office in Al Qurum, along with your company PRO and find out what is the latest on the said subject.

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