Transferring UAE driving license (automatic) to Oman

Can anyone advise me on driving license please:

1) I hold valid UAE driving license (automatic)
2) Currently in Oman, I want to drive here too. Can I get the UAE driving license transferred to Oman license without any further driving tests?

Recently I have moved from UAE to Oman and facing the similar situation. Do let me know if you get any response or feedback regarding this topic/issue?


As per the latest traffic regulations and amendments (updated Aug. 2016), an automatic driving license from UAE cannot be directly swapped for Omani driving license. For exchange into an Omani license, you have to surrender the UAE automatic license at ROP office and get a driving school booklet for RO 5. Later you have to give a slope and final road test over a manual car, only after passing of which you will be issued an Omani driving license.

Please also note that, Omani driving licenses have no distinctions such as manual or automatic. They are a single type of driving license document.

I hope that answers your query. Please let me know if you need any further info. My mob. no in Sohar ***. Thanks.

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Sir, thank you for your reply. But why should we surrender our UAE licence when they ask us to follow the normal process. What is the benefit of surrendering?

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