Getting a job in Nepal

Hi. I am about to move to Nepal at the end of July. I will be moving with my partner who is Nepalese, and my son who is a Kiwi. We will be living with his parents and I am going on my own income.  We will be married before leaving New Zealand, so I will apply for a marriage visa before my tourist visa expires. I am hoping to get employment in Nepal to support myself while I live there, as I have no idea how long we will stay in Nepal and want to support myself without asking my family in New Zealand, or relying on my partner. Any advice for gaining employment in Nepal? Thanks in advance.

Hi Jess!
You have two weeks left in New Zealand. In your place -  I would waste no time in contacting the Consulate General of Nepal right away which I note is located in Auckland, for the purpose of getting as many formalities out of the way as possible in respect of your new marital status in NZ as it relates to the obtention of your future and more permanent visa, after your tourist visa in Nepal expires. They will tell you what documents to provide, how to start that procedure/process going, and no doubt you will gain a lot of time as well as I am sure making the whole process easier.
I would take the risk of  waiting until you are in Nepal and the near end/expiry of your 5 months tourist visa.
As for the job in Nepal, I do not have the answer, and there is no easy answer. It will NOT be easy.
Much better if you could contact - again before you leave NZ - some friends or acquaintances who already work with Nepal, and see what arrangements you might be able to work out with them.
For example, by going through the net, you might well find that there a number of NZ importers or buyers of any number of nepalese products such as singing bowls, incense, pashmina, woolen goods, buddha and other statues in copper or bronze, etc  In your place, I would make a list of them and call them, Introduce yourself, tell them you are heading to Nepal shortly and offer your services. If you can convince them, you might be able to work out like a rep or act as a buyer for them. and work on a percentage basis. It's just an idea.  I don't know your qualifications, so it's difficult for me to suggest other things. Whatever you do, try to work more as an "independent" - designer - buyer - consultant and so on. Otherwise, nothing sure that once in Nepal, and at the end of your tourist visa,
1. you will be able to stay on UNLESS you start that longer term visa process now to ensure you do - so you'll be SAFE rather than sorry;  and 2. you can land a suitable job as a foreigner working in Nepal over the longer term.

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